Great Suggestions to Explore Labuan Bajo Island

Tourists can explore labuan bajo island when they need good destination. This island has exotic place to offer. It is the Komodo National Park. This national park is great destination to explore in this island. it is because the national park is the home of the legendary komodo dragons. Komodo dragon is the lizard with length around 3 meters and weight up to 90 kg. This is called as the biggest lizard in the earth. Even, it is also the living prehistoric lizard. Because of this fact, UNESCO gives status as World Heritage to this national park. Of course, exploring the park and looking for the dragons will be great experience. People can have chance to see how this awesome lizard hunting and surviving in the forest. There are also other things to find in this national park.


  • Komodo is not the only animal living in this national park. Komodo is an carnivore animal, so there must be preys of this animal and this creates such a food chain. Because of that, people can find several big animals, such as horse, wild boars, and buffalo. Deer and various birds and also snakes can be found in this island.
  • Then, the national park is so large. Because of that, there are several divisions of the park. Tourists can explore the forests, mangrove forests, savannas, and even beach. These can provide great chance to explore and interact with the nature.

The other alternative for exploring labuan bajo island is to go to the Pink Beach. This beach is one of the seven pink beaches in the world. This is an awesome phenomenon caused by the certain microscopic animals. They are Foraminifera. This animal has special pigment that can make the coral red. When the fragment of the coral are combined with the white sand, there will appear pink color and this is where the name of this beach comes from. Of course, this color is not the only great things to find in this beach. People can have great activity such as diving and snorkeling. There are many species of marine animals. Dolphins, stingray, even whales can be found. The coral reefs are also beautiful. Divers also claimed that this diving site is one of the best sites since this is still pure and there is less pollution.

Then, there is Kanawa Island as the alternative to enjoy the labuan bajo island.  this island provides great destination to stay with beautiful views of the sea. There are bungalows that can be place for staying in the exotic view of the sea. In this case, under the sea surface, there are beautiful coral reefs with colorful fish swimming around them. This can be great destination for people who want to have great interaction with nature. The price of the bungalow is also affordable, so backpackers will not find it as difficulties. These combinations can provide great experience that cannot be forgotten. The beach activities, the beauty of the marine life, and peaceful vibes will make both body and mind satisfied. This is totally awesome destination to explore.