Hair and Makeup Looks to Try While on Vacation

Bold Red Lips

From bright fire engine red too deep sultry crimson bold red lips are the must have makeup trend for this season. This look is perfectly paired with a classic smokey eye this season it’s best to offset your bold lips with a subdued natural eye color and glowing skin. This look is ideal for travelers who have elegant events to attend while on their trip.

The Half Up/Coming Undone look

There are many ways to achieve this popular hair trend. You can let the back of the hair fall loose while putting the front and sides in a messy bun/ponytail or pull random strands from a traditional French bread and leaving bangs loose. Coming undone hairstyles are the perfect way to look casual yet chic this season. This style is a great way to look chic while laying poolside or strolling around the boardwalk .


90’s lipstick (rusty brown meets red shades)

Everyone from Claire Danes to Drew Barrymore were featured in the 90’s and rocking a rusty brown meets red shade lip. Now it’s making a serious makeup comeback on runways worldwide. And while there are several high end  makeup lines that have a 90’s lipstick shade the look can also be achieved by blending rusty brown and dark red shades. This looks pairs perfectly with all 90’s vintage looks. This look is ideal for those visiting a major city like London or Japan.

Brushed Curls

Living style icons Solange and Blake Lively has been featured rocking this incredible hairstyle. Whether you’re brushing out your natural curls or using rollers/ a curling iron, this is a bold and statement-making look that works for all hair types. This effortless style in works no matter if you’re on a tropical vacation or a walking in Europe.

All these looks are a great way to be effortlessly stylish on your next vacation. Now that you know some of the hottest vacation looks be sure to visit your local salon before your next big trip.